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What we do

We co-create world-class experiences to help people succeed in our rapidly changing world.

We believe that unlocking human potential is essential to ensuring organizations and societies are able to adapt, innovate and prosper. 

What unites the projects we take on is the desire to understand and solve people-centered challenges. Our mission is to contribute globally to personal, social and human capital development, with a particular focus on the Middle East.

One-to-one coaching

Emotional and social intelligence (EI) skills are learnable, and habit change is possible for everyone. Our EI coaches support clients in raising their self-awareness, navigating challenges, and building better mental and emotional habits. Research shows that EI plays a crucial role in our wellbeing, in becoming more, and in the quality of our relationships with others.

Group coaching, workshops + retreats

We design and facilitate group coaching programs, workshops and retreats, both virtually and in-person. Group coaching offers the additional advantages of tapping into a group's collective wisdom, and connecting with peers for support and accountability. Each experience is tailored around specific topics, e.g. wellbeing, stress management, leadership and resilience. E-course modules are also available.

ESCI 360 assessment

We are an approved practitioner organization of the Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ESCI) 360 assessment, developed by Dr Richard Boyatzis, Dr Daniel Goleman, and Korn Ferry Hay Group. The ESCI assessment and debrief can be purchased on its own, or as part of a coaching package.

Consulting, research + speaking

The types of projects we work on vary. What connects these projects is that they all revolve around people, behavior, wellbeing, human potential, societal development, social entrepreneurship and innovation.


Looking to extend your team? Working in partnership with other likeminded people and organizations is part of our DNA. We believe wholeheartedly in collaboration – together we achieve more. This enables us to put our clients’ needs first, and build a flexible team around that.


"As I stepped into middle management, I noticed the importance and impact of having high EI. I noticed a gap in EI training in Bahrain, until I landed on Alphard's website and was enlightened to witness an expert in this field here. The training had a great presentation style, felt relaxed yet professional which made it very enjoyable and informative - both personally and professionally."

~ participant, EI + wellbeing workshop

"I felt I could trust Nadia from our very first coaching session. Her diligence and ability to gently prompt me towards a deeper understanding of my goals helped me make realizations that have stayed with me long after our discussions."

~ coachee, 1:1 EI coaching

"The training is an amazing experience so far, I'm learning so much. I really wish education systems would adopt this type of education... graduates with this type of knowledge could change society in so many ways. Thank you."

~ participant, innovation training program



Based in Bahrain, with a global reach, we partner with individuals and organizations seeking to make a difference, co-creating solutions that deliver impactful results.  

Our founder

Nadia Muijrers

Consultant  •  Coach  •   Facilitator

Nadia is a multidisciplinary consultant, coach and the founder of Alphard. She is fascinated by interpersonal and cross-cultural dynamics, and has a passion for tackling people-centered issues in organizations and in society.

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach | Goleman EI
  • Certified Cross-Cultural Dialogue Facilitator | Soliya, UNAOC
  • Certified in Inclusive Strategies for Recruitment, Retention and Promotion of Women | American University of Beirut
  • MBA in Culture, Orgs. + Social Innovation | MIIS, Fulbright
  • MPhil in International Development | University of Cambridge

Our brand

Our brand was inspired by the Islamic Golden Age in the 9th–13th centuries when the Middle East (and beyond) was culturally, economically, and scientifically flourishing. The region played a significant role in the revival of Byzantine and European knowledge following its loss during the early medieval period. Scholars and polymaths from different parts of the world and different cultures were tasked with gathering the world's knowledge, translating it into Arabic and Persian, and advancing it further.

One of the few visible influences that remain from this period include its discoveries in astronomy. A significant number of stars are officially referred to by their Arabic names, chosen by those who discovered them. This includes the star Alphard (pronounced: alfard), which means 'the solitary one' and is the brightest star in the constellation of Hydra. Alphard is a single giant star, cooler than the sun but larger and more luminous, and with no other bright stars near it. In Arabic, Alphard also simply means ‘person’ or ‘individual’, which is what we’re all about.

Our logo was inspired by Islamic geometric patterns, another art form dating back to this period in history, when geometric patterns evolved in complexity and sophistication. Our logo is a modernized extract from a wider geometric pattern, representing the interrelatedness and interdependency between the one unit and the whole, between the individual and the collective. One cannot exist without the other. 

Let’s get started

Alphard strives to build a community of diverse thinkers and more; united by a common goal, to add value and deliver impact. We partner with organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals seeking solutions to the big people-centered challenges.

If you'd like to learn more about our services, or you’re interested in internship opportunities or joining our network of collaborators, please get in touch below.