About us

Alphard is a consultancy, research and social design studio dedicated to enriching people’s lives in organizations and societies in the Middle East. We curate, design and deliver solutions to complex people, culture and innovation challenges in order to positively impact individuals, organizations and communities in the region. Our approach is multidisciplinary and all our work is driven by a desire to:

  • Solve people-centered challenges

  • Unlock innovation and human potential

  • Build knowledge societies and economies

Our long-term vision is to be known as the company that understands people. Everything we do revolves around people, culture and ideas. We believe that unlocking the value of people and talent is key to ensuring organisations and societies are able to adapt, innovate, compete and thrive.

Our clients

Our work

Our areas of work include researching, consulting and the facilitation of events around:

Innovation + Design Thinking

  • Delivering innovation and design thinking workshops

  • Accelerating corporate innovation + intrapreneurship

  • Implementing an E2E innovation management platform online

  • Facilitating open innovation + connections to global R&D expertise

Organizational Culture, Emotional Intelligence + Wellbeing

  • Facilitating team building off-sites and activities

  • Delivering workshops + talks on organizational culture, high performance teams, etc.

  • Delivering workshops + talks on emotional intelligence, mindfulness + wellbeing for the public, organizations + schools

  • Diagnosing + transforming organizational culture, leaders + teams

  • Embedding customer-centricity into workplace culture, products + services

Interpersonal Dynamics

  • Conducting cross-cultural training for individuals + groups at work + in schools

  • Facilitating workshops on diversity

  • Training in a variety of soft skills, incl. communication + assertiveness

Human Capital + Data Analytics

  • Designing + implementing competency management frameworks + platform

  • Implementing human capital analytics platforms + training

  • Developing customized data analytics

  • Building learning management platform + impact analytics

Strategy Execution

  • Formulating organizational strategy, alignment + restructuring

  • Implementing balanced scorecard methodology

Highlights + testimonials


Youth Leadership Programme, UNDP

Workshops on design thinking for sustainable development in Bahrain


Global Entrepreneurship Week, Bahrain 2018

Workshop on building and scaling your team to sustain growth


Human-Centered Design for Entrepreneurship + Innovation, Bahrain

Workshop on human-centered design in collaboration with a GCC SME business.

GEW Workshops

Global Entrepreneurship Week, Bahrain 2017

Workshops on social innovation

JLSI workshop

Judicial & Legal Studies Institute

Seminar on organizational culture & leadership


Tamkeen Seminar

Seminar for managers on organizational culture and innovation