Our work with Mashroo3i 6.0 Orientation Training Program


Video: Overview and snapshots of our work with Mashroo3i's Orientation Training Program in 2020 (also on YouTube).


Together with our partners, Growth Alliance and Sprintbase, we successfully delivered the first-ever fully virtual Orientation Training Program for Mashroo3i 6.0 for 100+ entrepreneurs in November-December 2020.We designed and facilitated an interactive training program to prepare participants for the 9-month entrepreneurship competition. They learned about innovation mindsets and how to adopt more of the characteristics of the best innovators, as well as taking participants through an experiential and collaborative design thinking process.

Originally designed to be run in-person, we partnered with innovation platform, Sprintbase, to ensure we delivered quality sessions just as we normally would in-person. We had a blast getting to know and working with all the participants, and were overwhelmed by the positive feedback. Thank you - it was an...

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