1:1 Emotional Intelligence Coaching

For individuals, change-makers, (emerging) leaders

We guide individuals to navigate their unique inner and outer journey. Our EI coaches support clients in raising their self-awareness, identifying challenges, adopting new perspectives, and building better mental and emotional habits to shift towards desirable outcomes. Research shows that EI plays a crucial role in our wellbeing, becoming more effective in our career, and in the quality of our relationships with others. EI skills are learnable and habit change is possible for everyone. While lasting change is more likely with the support of a coach, our philosophy is that the answers are within you, and our aim is to help you learn to coach yourself better.

All our work is rooted in evidence-based research.


Group Coaching, Workshops + Retreats

For teams in organizations or public sessions

Group coaching is offers the benefits of 1:1 coaching, with the added advantages of tapping into the group's collective wisdom, connection with others throughout the journey, peer support and accountability. Each experience is tailored around specific topics or themes, e.g. stress management, mindfulness, resilience, team dynamics, leadership. For organizations, group coaching or a combination of 1:1 and group sessions can help break down silos, increase collaboration and trust, and create a shared sense of identity in a cost-effective way.

Optional add-on e-course modules and assessments are available. We also offer standalone sessions to run the Emotional and Social Competence Inventory (ESCI) 360 assessment and 1:1 debrief.

Consulting, Research + Speaking

As a multidisciplinary consultancy and social design studio, the types of projects we work on vary a lot. What unites them is that they revolve around people, behavior, human potential and societal development. For example:

Innovation ~ Design thinking workshops
, in-house innovation workshops, E2E innovation management with platform partners, developing innovative and collaborative mindsets and cultures.

People + Culture ~ Curate, develop and deliver workshops or services around high performance teams, culture change, interpersonal or cross-cultural dynamics, employee engagement, customer-centricity, adopting human capital analytics with platform partners, and more.


Working in partnership with other likeminded brands is a part of Alphard's DNA. We believe wholeheartedly in collaboration, it enables us to put the client's needs first, and build a flexible team around that. Our work is developed and delivered through a network of local, regional and international partnerships. Our growing network includes academics, designers, innovation experts, consulting firms, training organizations, data analytics experts from the GCC, Lebanon, China, Hong Kong, UK and US.

We'd love the chance to learn about you or your business. If there's a way we can collaborate, we'll let you know. If not, we'll happily connect you with others who might be a better fit.

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 "The online workshop delivery was OUTSTANDING."

~ organizational client, innovation training program for entrepreneurs

"Nadia delivered a well designed workshop with poise and ease. She offered a depth of content, and made an authentic connection with attendees. Her genuine interest in sharing knowledge and supporting others comes through in her work. A breath of fresh air."

~ participant, EI + wellbeing workshop

"As I stepped into middle management, I noticed the importance and impact of having high EI. I noticed a gap in EI training in Bahrain, until I landed on Alphard's page and was enlightened to witness an expert in this field here. The training had a great presentation style, felt relaxed yet professional which made it very enjoyable and informative - both personally and professionally."

~ participant, EI + wellbeing workshop

"I felt I could trust Nadia from our very first coaching session. Her diligence and ability to gently prompt me towards a deeper understanding of my goals helped me make realizations that have stayed with me long after our discussions."

~ coachee, 1:1 EI coaching

"This is the first innovation workshop that's actually innovative!"

~ participant, design thinking workshop

"I really enjoyed the course, it was very informative. I enjoyed the weekly sessions, the meditations, being part of a small group, our weekly shares and feedback, etc. gave it a bit of a personal touch."

~ participant, mindfulness group coaching program

"This was fantastic! I'm grateful for opportunities like this and beautiful, like-minded souls. We can make a difference."

~ participant, conference event

"The training is an amazing experience so far, I'm learning so much. I really wish education systems would adopt this type of education... graduates with this type of knowledge could change society in so many ways. Thank you."

~ participant, innovation training program


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