Our network

We are based in Bahrain, and all our work is developed and delivered through a network of local, regional and international partnerships curated around each client’s needs.

Our growing network of partners and associates include academics, scientists, designers, innovation experts, consulting firms, training organisations, data analytics experts from the GCC, Lebanon, China, UK and US. 

For details about our network, get in touch with us here or here.

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Our team


Nadia Muijrers

Nadia is a multidisciplinary consultant, lecturer and founder of Alphard, specializing in organizational culture, interpersonal dynamics and teamwork, innovation, emotional intelligence and wellbeing, and more. Nadia’s expertise lies at the intersection of business and the social sciences, having worked as an organizational change consultant, in business development and advisory, and investment banking in both London and Bahrain. She completed her MBA as a Fulbright Scholar, specializing in Culture, Organizations and Social Innovation. She is also an alumna of the University of Cambridge, a certified cross-cultural facilitator, and an active startup mentor.


Moyez Kassam

Moyez is an accomplished executive, entrepreneur, and consultant with a career that spans more than 35 years of diverse experience with developing and implementing innovative technologies, and transformative solutions to improve the ‘human-factors’ that drive business strategy, performance, agility, growth, and innovation. Moyez has worked with the ICT, oil, petrochemical, financial, and manufacturing sectors in Canada, South America and the Middle East regions, including large organisations such as IBM, CIBC and Saudi Aramco. Moyez is the founder of Growth Alliance.


Peter Muijrers

Peter has had an extensive career in the public sector in the Netherlands, UK, and Bahrain, where he led and managed many high-level projects and policy studies. His consulting expertise includes strategy management, business planning, risk management, project management, quality management, and organisational analysis. He is a recognised expert in strategy management and execution based on the Balanced Scorecard Methodology. During his time at the Ministry of Works in Bahrain, they were awarded Palladium's Excellence Award and inducted in the 'Hall of Fame' for executing business strategy in 2009.


Vrouyr Joubanian

Vrouyr is a multi-disciplinary designer and design educator whose sustainable design strategies aim to create social and systems change. A former Fulbright Scholar, Vrouyr’s extensive experience in product, service, and systems design, coupled with his expertise in customized design research and impact measurement tools, uniquely informs his human-centered design approach. He currently serves on the faculty of the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts, VP and Head of Academic Programs at MENA Design Research Center, and is also the co-founder of Beirut Design Week.

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Dr. Julio D. Lobo

Julio has been engaged in science and innovation management for over 20 years. After receiving his Ph.D. at Caltech, Dr Lobo worked as a specialist on analytical process equipment at ExxonMobil. There, he co-developed and patented a novel sensor that has since become standard at all XOM refineries. At ABB he managed technology development and R&D teams in the US and in Switzerland, where he was selected to lead an executive-sponsored innovation product for the Fiber Optic Current Sensor, a technology developed by scientists in his group, which received a Swiss Technology Award, and was runner-up for the Wall Street Journal Innovation Award. Julio has also invested in and helped found several startup companies in high tech equipment, e-business, e-commerce, and consumer products.